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Provide an immersive experience for your audience with virtual reality images that capture the full picture. Whether you want to help customers explore your property, visit a landmark in the Halifax Regional Municipality, or showcase an exhibit, 360° images from Kopano Photography can help you take them there.

Why Virtual Reality?

At Kopano Photography, we pride ourselves on being your one-stop shop for virtual reality and augmented reality images for corporate organizations. That means we take the time to explain our process to you and ensure that you have all of the information you need to make informed decisions about how you want to present your organization to the world. Virtual reality is a powerful imaging tool that allows you to take your audience through your front doors and showcase many elements of your operation.


Using special cameras and filming techniques, we are able to piece together a virtual reality experience that will make your business stand out. When customers hold up their phones or other mobile devices and move it to the left or the right, they’ll be able to see your company as if they were standing in the front doors.

The Future is Now

Make your corporate organization more accessible than ever with virtual images that are designed to invoke action and interest from your audience. Your business is better able to compete when it's available to your customers online, and you can take that connection one step further by ensuring that your business is searchable through Google Maps with realistic, accurate, and engaging virtual reality images.


What Does Virtual Reality Do For Your Business?

Company transparency is a big part of doing business these days. It’s a trend that is not going away any time soon. More and more we are seeing the positive effects of transparency, especially in the hospitality, communications, and healthcare industries. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, letting your audience into your world by way of virtual reality can have many benefits. What’s more, allowing customers to step into your business before they ever do business with you creates trust, familiarity, and a sense of loyalty: they feel like they’ve been there before.


Hotel chains, restaurants, corporate leasing operations, agencies, and even public spaces like libraries and organizations responsible for landmarks throughout Halifax Regional Municipality will benefit from offering virtual reality images to your audience. Virtual reality is quickly becoming not just a “neat” feature, but an expected one, particularly where mobile-users are concerned. Don’t just describe the wonderful services and locations you have to offer: showcase them in a unique and memorable way with virtual reality tours by Kopano Photography.


Over 40% of internet searches for local businesses are conducted through mapping products.



Over 40% of these internet searches result in on-site visits - quality virtual reality images help convert customers!.



Hotels and restaurants with virtual reality images are positioned to do better in the market and a study done in 2015 indicated that patrons were more likely to book reservations for listings with virtual reality images.


How We Create Virtual Reality Images for Your Company

Kopano Photography can create unforgettable VR images for your business in just a few steps. We’ll kick things off with a photo shoot of the area or location using specialized equipment that is built specifically for creating virtual tours. You can expect this to last about 30 minutes.


Next, we work to build your virtual tour by stitching the images together to create true panoramic images which provide full, 360° views of the area.


We’ll take the time to ensure that the new, larger images are perfect before we send them to you. It will be seamless presentation when we’re done.


Next, we’ll add effects and provide additional features, such as hotspots, text, mapping, music, voice overs, video, or any number of other things that will help bring your company to life.


Finally, we’ll provide you with an embedded version of the tour, or upload it for you. We are also pleased to provide you with a digital copy on a USB drive for your use.


It’s that easy!


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You can easily use 360˚ photos to create new exciting social media content.


Work with the Best Virtual Reality Photography Business in Halifax

Kopano Photography is built on twenty years of experience and a reputation that is known for quality work. We take the time to ensure even the smallest detail has its moment to shine. Virtual reality photographs created by Kopano don’t have watermarks. That means that the images we create for you are yours to use in your business venture in any way you see fit. But don’t worry, we’re happy to provide our insight and advice about placement, traffic, and the best way to showcase your organization to the world.


Ready to Try Virtual Reality Images?

Contact Kopano Photography today to learn more about how virtual reality images can help you bring your business to the next level and connect with your audience like never before. Contact John Chiasson at 902-818-0819 to book a consultation today.


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